Found in 2020 during covid 19 pandemic. Lafayee Boutique has been privately owned and operated by CEO Ashley Lafayee Charles. I also go by Ashley Lafayee. I’m a licensed cosmetologist through the state of Texas and California, and a certified Fashion Stylist. The company is owned by Lafayee Consulting, LLC, and is sister to Lafayee Beauty. As a petite (4'11) woman with some curves, she knows how finding the right size of clothing can be a challenge in the making.

All About Us

Welcome to Lafayee Boutique, where we believe that petite women of all shape to be more confident in their appearance from head to toe. Our style is more tomboy chic but sexy and classic. Whether you want to hang out at home, or need a streetwear style that makes a statement. We intend to make a difference in women’s styles by creating and putting together a “tomboy-sexy” look that supports empowerment and a beautiful personality. A lot of short girl problems, struggle and challenge that women and girls under 5-foot tall experience. It's not wrong to want to treat yourself and love every curve you have By looking for the perfect fit. Jeans for women in every shape and size. Jeans that give your booty an extra boost with some southern charm. Shop for women's tops, bodysuits, jeans, dresses, graphics tee, jackets, matching sets, activewear, and sleepwear. With the latest styles and colors for all seasons. What’s not to love about our matching sets? If you are the kind of person that says what's on your mind. Then tell it with graphic tees without sacrificing your style. An online boutique that will Dedicate to all women, men, and kids. For the moment we are just focusing on petite women of all shapes.

Our Mission

Lafayee Boutique is an online boutique-style retailer for apparel and accessories. Petite clothing is specifically designed for women whose frames are 5'5” and under, and the clothing has been cut proportionally to fit and flatter the petite women's frame. for a very long time petite and plus-size women (CURVE) always had a hard time finding the right clothes. As a petite woman finding the right size of jeans can be a headache. A lot of the time we end up having to send things back because it's just too big or too hard to be altered so they can fit us properly. We all have those days when we just want to feel great in that jeans.

Positive Impact Goals

We hope to have a positive social impact. We want people to be more self-aware of their health, and who they are as a person. We want to work with nonprofit organizations to support and understand. Also alongside brands, bloggers, influencers, hair and makeup artists, fashion stylist and most importantly, our loyal customers. To helping raise awareness and Empowerment for Autism, mental health, Gender equality, Women’s empowerment, heart disease, kidney disease, Self-Esteem, Alopecia,Gender-based violence, and breast cancer.